Managed Hosting Solutions

From extensive eCommerce stores to general high traffic web sites our managed hosting service delivers outstanding performance, substantially reduces overhead costs for our heavy workload clients, provides great speed and platform control, and dramatically increases security across the board at highly competitive rates.

Antithesis Group is proud of our hosting services (provided as the "Trustservers Hosting Project" since 2007), which is based on modern open-source software and private data centers for reliable around the clock uptime that keeps your business connected! You’ll have your own team of dedicated IT professionals to manage all hosting aspects: to maintain traffic, monitor infrastructure and proactively address all issues while ensuring all your software and hardware is performing at world-class levels.

After many solid years in the trenches of modern IT, we understand how critical it is to have an excellent managed hosting solution in place when daily platform needs become more than you and your team can handle. When downtime really hurts, when you need experts to keep your services up and running, apply updated security measures, maintain, monitor, and ensuring your daily routine is fully supported, we’re there.

At the end of the day the greatest reward of Antithesis Group managed hosting service is true peace of mind knowing your business is backed up, professionally administered, scaling efficiently, safe and secure. We got you covered. Furthermore, we believe in establishing real working relationships. We know our clients well and they know us personally by name because we’re all flesh and blood human beings around here.

So contact us today and we’ll create a custom managed hosting architecture for your business that’s scalable, affordable, powered by the finest open-source technology, monitored 24/7, and generating revenue by the second through lowered operating costs, hyper-connectivity and better overall performance.

Get in touch with us today to create the perfect-fit hosting solution for your needs.

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