About us

Antithesis Group was established in 2002 when a group of devoted IT enthusiasts joined forces to do something extraordinary. Up till then we were spread out and employed professionally as individuals in the wider field of IT.

Through the strength of our common beginnings, education, interests, aims and overall vision we’ve created a platform that provides quality services to the IT field with an emphasis on Open Technology/Open Source Software and web-related solutions. The Antithesis Group is composed of super-geeks with off the charts expertise and scientific backgrounds that love what we do for our clients. Furthermore, we’ve got a complex network of collaborators who widen and expand our potential. It’s a beautiful thing.

Our core services are consulting, modern web sites design and development and building of information systems; web-based complete solutions, professional IT training services, internet marketing, social media management and open source software consulting and support. We’ve successfully completed legions of projects in the public/private sector already. Be sure to take 2 minutes and browse our recent portfolio! Otherwise, reach out and contact the team to get your journey with us underway.

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